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Vadi Huda Educational and Charitable Islamic Society (Regd.No. 861/98) located at Omassery. The main   object of the society is the improvement of socially, economically backward communities of the society. The society aim to achieve this by imparting quality education. Vadi Huda runs and orphanage and destitute home. The  other major institution run by the society are  Vadi Huda English school(CBSE), Vadi Huda Malayalam medium school (Karla Syllabus), V.P.A.L.P. School(Malayalam medium aided) ,Vadi Huda higher secondary school, Vadi Huda women’s  Arabic college. Vadi Huda was founded by Panakkad Sayed Muhammedale Shhehab Thangal.., in 1998.

Vadi Huda was committed to provide quality education , and to do so a perfect blend of senior , experienced educationist and a young breed of energetic  teachers comprise the faculty . The faculty, as a unit, constantly endeavors to maintain an environment  conducive for learning . It is because of the total commitment of the staff that the student has been able to put up some high quality performances and cultural programmers in the recent past.

Vadi Huda trays to make a difference to your child’s life. With rapid changes in life styles among today’s Indians. It is important to strike a balance between age-old traditions and modern day outlook. The trust endeavors to create equilibrium by adopting the ancient technique of Gurukal education.,(We are providing destitute home under the trust) but with a scientific edge. It aspires to produce a citizen who is abreast with the changing times, and yet rooted in his or her value system.

It also aims to direct the potential of the student and helps them realize their capabilities by presenting them numerous opportunities in various fields. The school recognizes quest of knowledge, enlightenment and truth has the highest goals of life. All effort is made to have the right mix of academies and extracurricular activities, for a complete personality development. A comprehensive training package has been created to provide a thirst to the student’s physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and moral growth and development.

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Our Mission

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